Parents Zone

Being a parent is one of the life's most rewarding experiences and biggest responsibilities. To make your experience beautiful, we at Our Child Care provide best pre-school atmosphere. Our Home Day Care is clean and organized. The environment at Our Child Care is well lighted,bright and cheerful.

Why Us?
Environnment: Our equipment is safe for children and is in good condition.

Ratios: The student-teacher ratio is maintained keeping in view the peer group development.

Parents are welcome to make suggestions regarding the Day care programme. Family cultures and backgrounds are respected. Visits and trips outside the Day Care are planned to broaden the child's understanding through contact with people and places.

What parents need to do?
Help Children: Parents are the people, whom children spend most of their time with. Children are natural learners. they are always learning from whatever is happening around them. As a parent, help your child. Talk to them often about almost everything. Understand and be understood. Take their help and help them.

Make sure your child: Stays healthy. Gets enough sleep. Eats right kind of food. And gets to School in time.

Remember: You always be the most important person in your child's education.