Welcome To Our Child Day Care
We want to thank you for your interest in our facility.

Our Child Care is a "Home Away from Home" where care is taken on building a strong and balanced foundation of emotional, social, cognizant and physical skills for each child.

Our Day Care helps children develop the power to communicate in spoken, written and dramatic languages as they transit from Toddler to Pre-school. Activities at our day care encourage each child's natural curiosity and creativity. Small children love to learn. No two years old has ever taken a walking class, yet any physically healthy two year old can walk. No three old has ever taken a talking class yet every physically healthy three old can talk.

Excited by learning, they are eager to try new things. At Our Day Care we encourage and develop the natural learning mechanisms of children. We make sure that two streams of energy, mental and physical have a well planned development. We at Day Care understand that children at this stage have an absorbent mind and every child is constantly observing the knowledge and all the feelings provided incidentally or deliberately for every experience in life

The communication skills planned at our Child Care guide and direct the children to develop positive personalities. Our Child Care has a programme that is tailored to meet the needs of the young child.The programme is designed to provide children with ample opportunities to learn and enjoy their expanding world.

We employ a phonetic approach to learning to read.Vocabulary enrichment activities enable the child to classify ones environment, enlarge vocabulary and develop communicative skills.

At Our Child Care we stimulate your child's curiosity about the world around them and let them experience a love of learning at a tender age. Developing their self-confidence, independence and concentration span gives them a good head start.

State of California, Department of Social Services Facility No: 434408964